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  1. Cheat No-Shave November

    Jan 19 by Rock Mafia

    Now normally we at Rock Mafia would never condone cheating, but since having an artificial beard could possibly help men with mustache inadequacies raise money for Prostate Cancer, we think it’s okay this one time.  So if you’re a manly man who lacks facial hair growing power, check out this sale at to get your fake-out grow on. If you want to get involved with the charity, either by growing your own mustache/beard/goatee/awkward soul patch, or simply donating, check out the website here: 

  2. Fighting Fire With Graffiti

    Jan 19 by Rock Mafia

    A lot of times there is so much substance-less news in the news that we forget about the real people in the real world dealing with real issues. So it’s a good thing that Vice Magazine gets down and dirty in this interview with a Syrian artist who uses graffiti as his form of protest in his war-torn home. It’s definitely worth reading, especially if you’re sick and tired of hearing the normal mindless media chatter.  Read the article here.

  3. For all those haters that say graffiti can’t be art, here is the perfect example of how they are just plain wrong. Street artist ROA created this epic animal masterpiece on a building in Johannesburg and if you’re like us and in awe but not close enough to check it out in person, you can see some more close up shots of the piece here. Also if you want to check out more of ROA’s work, make sure to take a look at his Tumblr.

  4. The Election through Their Eyes

    Jan 18 by Rock Mafia

    During election season, things can get so riled up that sometimes it can be nice to step back and get a fresh look at things.  So regardless of what side you were on, why not kick back, and look at England’s perspective on how the entire 2012 election year went down here in the States starting way back in 2008.  Don’t worry, it’s a graphic novel, so no heavy reading required, just a brilliantly designed site that allows you to scroll through the craziness that was Election 2012. Click here to head over to the site.

  5. 50 G’s and We Don’t Mean Money

    Jan 18 by Rock Mafia

    Complex magazine recently put together a list of the Top 50 Most Stylish Rappers of all time and it’s something definitely worth clicking through.  What’s not to love about a list that combines music, fashion, and photography into one slick and smooth journey through the different styles of rap’s best dressed artists? If we’ve gotten you interested, click here to go check out what we’re talking about.